Sunday, June 29, 2008

I've been bitten... a Japanese bug! My obsession started innocently when I was going through the daily routine of reading through my favorite blogs when I read a post involving the Japanese bookstore Kinokuniya here in the city. I thought to myself "Hey, I gotta check this out". I don't even think I told anyone that I was going but I decided to take a lunch time trip on down to the store to "browse". Yeah right, well "browsing" ended me up 3 books heavier than when I walked in. I was so overwhelmed by the great patterns and wonderfully detailed photos in all the craft books. Of course I couldn't read a lick of the written instructions but I'm a doggone good chart reader. I figured I could work the rest out. I got two children knitting/crochet books and a knitting stitch dictionary.I immediately got on the horn and tried to warn my buddies about how addictive this store can be. Of course some of us didn't take heed to my warning but hey, knittery does love company. My next visit was to Ravelry to see what projects people have made from Japanese knitting books and thats where I saw THE BAG. Once I saw it, I knew I had to have it. It is the most chic slouch bag that I have ever seen. Thank goodness the pattern book & page number was listed. As soon as I could, I headed right back to the most deceptively delicious book store in town to track down my book. It would have been smart to call before visiting the store to see if they had it in stock but the obvious choice would have been too easy. The pattern comes from a magazine called Keito Dama which is issued every season. The one I needed was from Spring and they only had the Summer one in stock. They were nice enough to order the one I wanted from one of their other stores and would call when it came in. Since I had to wait patiently I picked up another knitting stitch pattern book a crochet stitch dictionary and a crochet technique book to ease my disappointment and help me deal with my impatience.My book came a week later (last Wednesday to be exact) and I couldn't wait to start this project. I ran out of yarn when it was time to do the border and straps but the difference in yarn color is minimal in my opinion. I used a larger hook than the pattern calls for but I wanted to make sure that it would fit all my stuff. Without futher ado, here's my mostes favorites handbag in the whole wide world.

Pattern: From Keito Dama #37 Spring 2008, pg 91 ISBN978-4-529-04534-6
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Med Thyme (Yes I like acrylic & I'm not ashamed to say it)
Hook: I / 5.5 mm
Started: June 25, 2008
Finished: June 29, 2008

I still have to line it and I'm going to attempt to put some magnetic snaps in but by far I am so in love with this bag. I can't wait to go traipsing around the city in this wonderful bag.