Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pop That Bottle Top for 2012

I know I'm stating the obvious but 2012 is right around the corner! 2011 wasn't such a horrible year, all things considered, but I am so looking forward to 2012. I feel optimistic and bright at the thought of "starting over" for lack of better wording.
Naturally, I have a laundry list of resolutions for the upcoming year. One of these that falls into the crafts category is to:

Choose one pattern from one of the many craft books in my personal library to make each month.

I purposely made it vague. I don't want to feel too confined because I'll be less likely to follow through. I made this resolution because I own an obscene amount of knitting, crocheting, spinning and sewing books that I rarely use. By use I mean actually make items from the patterns offered as opposed to flipping through the pages and saying "Oooooo, pretty!" Plus I may get some inspiration for the blog if I'm actually finishing stuff. If all goes well, I should have 12 new items by year end.

My other craft resolution is to:

Finish or frog (rip out) at least one WIP (work in progress) per month.

That one is pretty self explanatory. I don't know how many WIPs I have but I think at least more than five and less than ten.

I have a few other craft related resolutions that I may get into at a later date. For now, here are some pics of recently finished object for this year in ni particular order. 2011 seems to have been the year of baby sweaters and hand warmers. Have a great one yall and Happy New Year!

I made these for a nice MTA worker that gave me a break when she really didn't have to.

Believe it or not, that there's handspun! I ran out of hanspun yarn as you can probably tell, hence the short sleeves and yellow borders. Thankfully, the shower was in August.

Finally finished this sweater. Wasn't too pleased with how it came out but the mom to be loved it and that's all that matters.

Made this potholder for charity. Its kitchy and I love it!

Made this baby set in record time. I think I found out about the shower on Wednesday and had it done by Saturday in time for the shower.

This hat was en experiment in gradients. I used three strands of sock yarn in two colors to gradually change from one to the other.

Made these for my son's teachers for Christmas.