Saturday, February 20, 2010

This is why I don't join things

It must be the pressure of a deadline that causes my mojo to crap out and my mind to shift into full denial mode. I call myself trying to participate in Ravelympics (Go Team Sit N Knit) but I can no longer stand to knit on my hideous project.

The plan was to spin and knit a pair of mittens. I just recently procured the Magnificent Mittens & Socks book which I absolutely love so I couldn't wait to get started. My project was doomed from the start due to my lack of preparation. I picked the wool to spin from my stash on day one which is something that I should have done prior to starting.The wool is roving that I dyed alongside Erin in Boogey's dyeing workshop that I took at SOAR last year. I didn't write down the type of fiber we dyed but I know its wool. I doubted that I'd have enough for both mittens but I didn't feel like starting over. I spun the yarn worsted and navajo plied it because I wanted the yarn to be pretty smooth. Only problem is that I spun the singles way too tight and plied it even tighter. So I basically made rope. I ended up with 1 and a half ounces each of worsted weight ROPE! I thought it might bloom a bit in the wash but it didn't. I knew the project was doomed but I casted on anyway.

Mittnes are usually knit at a tight gauge so you can imagine the cramps I had in my fingers while trying to cast on and increase with worsted weight, twine-like yarn on a size 4 needle...go ahead and picture it...yup, and I kept on knitting, can you believe it? I knitted all the way until I got to the thumb. I could not find another pair of size 4 needles in my stash and I couldn't wait until I bought some the next day so I knit the thumb in my size 5's. I finished knitting the thumb and joined it to the rest of the mittens. I knit a couple of rows and then I couldn't take it anymore. This mitten is fugly and I life is too short to knit fugly stuff. I'll rip it soon but for now, I am officially throwing in the towel. This is why I don't join stuff!