Monday, January 29, 2007

Playing Catch Up

As you can already tell, I’ve been a lazy blogger. I just haven’t been in the mood, yanno? Work is stressing me and draining all my creative juices but I refuse to let it get to me. Since I’m not in a very talkative mood (which is rarity for me), I’m leaving you guys with some testaments to my horrendous photography skills. Enjoy!


I finished these socks a while ago but I’m just getting a round to posting a pic. I told you I was lazy.

Socks for Cuzn Suga


Yarn: STR in the Fairground Colorway purchased at Rhinebeck

Needle: US3 Addis magic looped, two at a time of course.

Leg Pattern: You can’t really see it but I used the Eyelet cables pattern (pg 159) from this book

Started: November 2006, Ended: December 2006

Verdict: I.Love. Socks.That. Rock. Nuff said.

Bed socks for my Dad


Yarn: Who knows, I got it from my stash. I think its Patons Décor but I’m not really sure.

Needle: US7 Boye , magic looped (which I do not recommend)

Pattern Slipped Stitch Rib from the Sensation Knitted Socks Book.

Started: January 2 2007, Ended: January 16 2007

Verdict: I was on a deadline but otherwise I loathe using worsted weight yarn for socks. It may only be in my head but it seems harder to magic loop with worsted weight yarn. My father loved them anyway.

I’ve been spinning a little:


Fiber: Superwash Merino Acquired from a co-op via my knitta in crime Necia

Preparation: Roving was dyed by the microwave method using Wiltons

Spun: Two-ply (my favorite) from a center pull ball.

Yards: Approx. 200 yds.

WPI: Somewhere between 12 and 14 so let’s just say 13.

Verdict: It’s super squishy and it has a wonderful sniff factor. (You yarn addicts know what I’m talking about)


Fiber: New Zealand Leicester purchased in the grease from R. H. Lindsay.

Preparation: Fleece was washed then dyed while still wet using Wiltons. Microwave of course. I then carded the colors together with big stripes lines up on my hand carders so the colors wouldn’t muddle too much.

Spun: What else: Two-ply from a center pull ball.

Yards: Approx. 70 yds

WPI: 18

Verdict: Soft and lustrous but not that squishy. Has a nice little halo thing going on. It just screams “lace” to me.


Hat for my DB hereby known as Mr. DJ


Yarn: Plymouth Encore D.K. I lost the ball band so I have no idea what the name/number of the color is. Purchased from Smileys a while ago.

Needles: US 5 Denise Interchangeable needles.

Pattern: 1X1 ribbing for two inches then a 1X2 seed stitch pattern

that he picked out himself from this book.

Verdict. It’s a wool/acrylic blend which doesn’t chafe my hands (yay). I already found two knots which pissed me off a bit but other than that, it’s cool. Hopefully I’ll be done by this weekend so he can have it before winter really puts a hurtin on us.

Started: January 23

Sweater for my SF Dream KAL


Yarn: Patons Décor in the New Green color

Pattern: This is the Diagonal ribbed wrap cardigan designed by Oscar for Oscar De La Renta from the back of the Vogue Knitting Ultimate Knitting Book.

Verdict: So far, so good. This yarn is also an Acrylic/Wool blend and I’m really feelin it. I still can’t believe that I’m actually going to knit a sweater for myself. I even swatched the full 4 inches if you can believe it. I’ll definitely keep you posted.


I cannot believe that I’m not knitting a pair of socks right now. I feel like I’m going through sock withdrawal. Hopefully next time I post there’ll be some toe action (maybe even foot) going on.

Yarn: Trekking, color #108

Happy Knitting!


I started a different boyfriend hat before the brown one pictured above but I fudged it all up. I forgot to go down a needle size when making the hemmed edge and just slipped so deeply into knitters denial. It took me a while to suck it up and just take that L for the team. It looks so purty that I still haven't frogged it. I'm still contemplating ways to remix it into something usable. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

That Fair Isle hat is gorgeous--hope you can salvage it somehow! I finally figured out what to make with that lovely handspun you sent me :-)

Cara said...

That sweater is beautiful! And I love all the socks. YAY for STR!

Divineladi said...

Go ahead and get your knit on!! I love that Fair Isle! I think school is trying to rob me of my creative juices.

Sherrin said...

Wow, you are coming back strong. That sweater is sensational. Love it. I have to see the end product.

DeanB said...

Yes, that Fair Isle hat is too pretty to frog. Maybe if you made another one it wouldn't hurt to pull this one out, but not sooner. And thanks for the picture, it's as good as a chart for the snowflake pattern.

Necia said...

This is the kind of post I can truly appreciate. What do you mean by 2 ply from a center pull ball. You wind your singles up and then double ply or you ply on itself?


Iraida said...

Everything looks beautiful!

Annie said...

Great stuff! That sweater is gorgeous. Go you!

m. said...

I jealous of your super-fast sock knitting. Can you suggest a good book/site with 2 at a time Magic Loop instructions??

LaBean said...

OH Man... that hat is the bomb!!! I can't believe you're gonna frog it.. Is the hem really that bad?? Take your time with the other projects you have.. you'll enjoy socks all the more when you get back to them... The spinning is luscious!!

Craftybernie said...


Just to let you know (if I haven't done so already) that you have been added to the Knit1BlogToo netring, which you'll be getting mail about soon.

Best wishes...Bernie

Deborah said...

wow, thatso lotto knittin! love the bed socks for dad!

Wanda said...

Oh, that Fair Isle hat looks beautiful. And the sweater is gorgeous. Can't wait to see your progress on that one. You've been very busy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chante!!
Yay--we are back on blogging track!! I just posted today after way too long as well!! Keep on bloggin'!

theShizzKnit said...

Nonono, must you frog? Can you make a nifty winter themed bag instead? It looks so great!