Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hello, It's me again (pic heavy)

Well, well, well, so we meet again. Um, where did February go? I think I slept through it or something because I can’t believe it’s time to “spring forward” already. Sheesh. Anyhoo, I’ve been doing some knitting and spinning and joined a couple of swaps so let’s just jump right into the fiber escapade, K.

On The Knitting Front.

Here’s how far I’ve gotten on my Dream sweater.

I’m right up to the armhole decreases on the back(again). Quick story. When I got to the armhole the first time, I figured that since I didn’t have gauge, that I couldn’t use the decreases that were written for the pattern. Keep in mind, that not once did I refer to my little notebook that has all my notes about this project. So I thought it a good idea to refer to my Knitters Handy Book of Patterns book and just use the decreases they had for my stitch count and gauge. So I went merrily along doing all the armhole decreases written in the knitter handy pattern book. So after I finish doing all the decreases and about an inch more of the armhole something tells me to look at the pattern and see how the two compare. So my pattern says for the back to CO 108 stitches. I look at my little notebook to see how many I casted on……108 stitches. Noooooooooo. I had gauge all along. I just frogged the armholes yesterday so I can follow the decreases in the pattern. Once I’m done with the back I may start a sleeve just to break up the monotony a little.

I finally finished a project for the Twisted Knitters KAL.I wanted to make socks but things almost always never go as planned so I made mittens. Peekaboo mittens actually.

Remember this yarn. I didn’t think I had enough yarn for a pair of socks so I planned on making fingerless gloves. I used my trusty two at a time, magic loop, pulling from both ends of the ball method to knit these up. Once I got to my knuckles, I realized that I may have enough for mittens so I inserted a provisional row on one side so I could open it up later to make peekaboo mittens like the ones on Magknits. Once I’d finished the mittens and the thumb, I only had enough yarn to crochet around the finger opening. That’s why it looks so craptastic. That’s the story, morning glory.

The other day, Mr DJ tells me that my little ones (J) hat is too bulky for him and that he needs a skully. Of course I chime right in with “I’ll make him one, what color do you want?” J tells me he wants red, so Mama makes it red and everyone’s happy!

And finally, I started my other Fuego sock but that may have to be put on hold because I have another pair of sock to make for one of my swaps.

We Be Spinning

And dyeing! First some fiber pron. I just ordered this roving from Franquemont Fibers after reading about it on Theresa's blog. All I can say is “Mmmmmmmm, yummy” Here’s a picture but of course it doesn’t do it any justice. I spun a little up and it is so dreamy. Thanks, Abby.

Specs: Luxury Batts dyed in the Easter colorway: Merino/Silk/Mohair/Nylon blend.

I’ve playing around with different dyeing techniques. I’m not crazy about the results but I don’t hate it either. They’re just…different.

Here is some Patons Wool that I dyed using Wiltons. I think I used burgundy and Orange. I may use this yarn to replace some socks that Mr DJ felted in the wash.

I haphazardly threw these colors together to dye this Correidale roving. I was trying out the steam dyeing process in the oven so I didn’t really care about what colors I was putting together. I may spin this up all barberpoley, if I ever decide to spin it up that is.

Here’s my current spinning project which I am absolutely in love with. I dyed the roving using Jacquard Acid dyes. The roving is mill ends from the Sheep Shed Studio in dark grays. I didn’t weigh it before I dyed it but I’ll definitely make sure to do so after its spun. The singles right now are at about 32 WPI and I’m planning on Navajo plying it for socks. I’m determined to knit some socks with my handspun if you can’t already tell.

Just for kicks, I spun this small skein of yarn from some roving Necia gave me. I think it’s Wenslydale from Lisa Souza. I don’t’ know, you’ll have to ask her but I really just wanted to practice my Navajo Plying.


Well, as I said I joined two swaps. Well actually one of them I started just because.

I joined the sock swap for my Meetup group, Sit n Knit. Believe it or not, but of all the 6 miles of sock yarn I have in my stash (seen here) I didn’t have anything that qualified for what my partner wanted so I took a quick trip to Seaport Yarns to pick up some Louet Gems. This project will have to be kept hush-hush because I’m not sure if she reads my blog. I’ll post a pic once they’ve been swaped.

The second swap I created on swap-bot. I don’t know about other knitters/spinners out there but I keep little sample skeins of yarn in my purse sometimes. K, I’m lying, all the time. I’m not afraid to admit it, I like to pet yarn. There I said it. I thought it’d be a good idea to start collecting those little keychain yarn thingies like the ones that Blue Moon included as part of their sock club (no, I didn’t join and I’m hella jealous of all of you who have). The details of the swap can be seen here.

I think I’ve said all that I need to say. Till next time kiddies.

Craft on!


Annie said...

NOTHING in your 6 miles of sock yarn will work? SUCKER! :-) Love the color of that yarn you are spinning for your handspun socks.

Wanda said...

You have been a busy bee! OMG, I can hardly keep up. I love the sweater that you are working on, it looks great. That's too bad that you had to rip out, but at least you're getting back on track.

HPNY Knits said...

the lovely colors in your post got me dizzy. I had the same problem with my sock yarn stash...
I love the red hat. did you make up the pattern?

LaBean said...

OMG OMG whoa.... You've been dyeing up a storm!! It all looks GREAT. That oven dyed stuff.. Those are perfect colors..Noooo don't barberpole THOSE.. Navajo those too!! That would be hot! Ok, it's yours. Who am I to tell you what to do with it..but now I want some like that.. kitchen here I come!

The skully is very well done. Seems a perfect fit! And craptastic? Where? The mittens looks fine!! They're handspun, remember?

Anonymous said...

You've been busy busy busy. First, I love the yarn you've been dyeing & spinning (I still haven't gotten around to that) & that hat came out awesome! Nothing like Moms knitting you a hat!

Jeanine said...

Geesh... You've been BUSY girl! Peekaboo Mitts are cute. I like the skully too. As for the spinning and dyeing, One day...I hope to do that.

Necia said...

What's the details on that sock yarn for Fuego. I had no idea you liked colors like that, unless you are making those for Necia, and tried to keep it a surprise. Ditto to what everyone else said and how hawt your stuff looks.


Anonymous said...

Your boy has such beautiful eyes. I love that shot.

Roseann said...

Gorgeous knitting & spinning! I love the mittens & red cap. I like how nicely Fuego works with variegated yarn.

Anonymous said...

You have got me hooked now...I am dying to do some dying now!! I guess I will have to go across the street (too convenient) and get me some acid try on my merino roving that I have!! I love all of your various projects!!

Margene said...

Your spinning looks great! And the TK project is wonderful! Thank you for joining us and for being one of the few (of us) who actually finished!

Bea said...

Your spinning looks awesome, and I love the colors on your current spinning project!

Lyrically speaking said...

Oh my you have evolved, I love the red hat you made for your son, that's cute...and don't forget my gloves :) You are way too talented Miss Purl, thanks for the visit

Divineladi said...

You have been one busy crafter! I love the colors you used for the Patons yarn it came out really nice. For some crazy reason I'm really loving green right now. I absolutely love the yarn you're spinning. I can't wait for a school break so that I can try to catch up to with :-).

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Hi from Kimberly! NYC was a blast wasn't it?! Please check out the Flickr group I created "Knitters Representing in NYC (and Everywhere Else)" when you can. And feel free to add photos or discussions because we want everyone's stories!
Bunny hugs!

miukat said...

OK, I officially have mitten envy. Those are the nicest handspun mittens I've ever seen. Love your dye projects. I can't do anything till I finish my damn sock.

soxchik said...

Whoa, those pop top mittens came out tres fabu!!!!! Great work and my God you're a prolific knitter!