Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just me and my stitch

I’m not sure where exactly to start. There’s been some knitting and spinning but I have to admit that I’m feeling a little down right now. One of my closest co-workers just retired and I’m having a hard time dealing with it. She’s like family to me and although I know it’ll make her much happier I just can’t bear to see her go. I’m trying to use my crafts to cope with my sadness.

I think that’s enough of the sappy stuff, on with the show.

On The Knitting Front

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but my sock knitting mojo has left the building. It’s not for lack of trying either. See? That’s the start of Maia’s secret sock pattern. I figured I would go hard or not go at all, knowhatimsayin. Although this is a gorgeous pattern I just couldn’t bring myself to knit it any further. Main reason being, it just wasn’t making my fingers sing. Maybe its just a little bit of the process knitter in me but I covet the feeling of getting into the groove of your favorite knit project, so much so that your fingers start to move at their own little beat, just musical in my opinion. I felt not one smidget of that while knitting this so I abandoned it with no remorse at all.

For the past couple of weeks it’s just been me and my sweater. So far I’ve finished the back, left front and two sleeves. I just have to finish the right front which I started last night. I doubt this sweater will be finished by Rhinebeck but I’m not really stressing about it. If it is, that’s fine and if not, then that’s fine also. Now you guys will be able to recognize me at 'Beck as the only blogger there not sporting any handmade items.

Fit To Be Plied

I had this renewed love for spinning once I left the Spin Out but alas my monogamy is still is full swing. I finished spinning the fiber I started at the Spin Out but it has yet to be plied. It’s pretty energized so I’m waiting for it to relax just a bit before I ply it. I’ll most likely Andean ply it. I scored the fiber from a swap on swapbot. The roving is 4 ounces of domestic wool hand painted and pin drafted by High Prairie Fibers. It was a little rough on my hands to spin but I’m excited to see what it will be once it’s done.

Public Announcement

Did you guys know that the Knit & Crochet Today show is only showing on select PBS Stations.Well whaddya know, it's not playing in the Tri-State area so if you feel so inclined, please send an email to NYC's local PBS station requesting they add this show to their programming. I already did but I think it's take a little more than little ol me to get this show added.

So that’s about it for now. I’m planning to make some stitch markers this weekend to post in the shop. I’m just trying to get my weight up for Rhinebeck which is in a little more than a week. YAY Rhinebeck!

Oh, by the way I think I may have picked up another needle craft. I'm going to test the waters and see how I like it. For now, here's a clue.

Any guesses?


Annie said...

Man, I have no idea. I am staring at it, turning my head sideways, turning the other way.... embroidery? Crewel? What is it?

Shameka said...

I am so happy to see that you are making progress on the sweater. It's also cool that there is no stress concerning the deadline. Who needs to be uptight about knitting? We all started doing it because it was fun and relaxing. Yeah, I need to repeat that to myself next time I schedule knitting time in my calendar. I have to seam my Rhinebeck sweater, but they keep coming out messed up, and I keep ripping it out. Hopefully I can get it together before next week.

And, do I see a little pink in that roving???? I love it. can't wait to see it plied.

Anonymous said...

I know about sock mojo. Mine JUST returned after about 2 months. And if you're not feeling a project, it's hard to stick with it. I'm a process knitter, too...I have to love the feel of the yarn, the movements, everything. I hope crafting can help you get over your sadness at your coworker leaving.

Anonymous said...

Hmnnnnnnnnnn crochet on the double? Please don't say embroidery. I want no parts of embrodery. Hurry up, out with it. Your mojo will come back after Rhinebeck.


Nancy Joyce said...

My sock mojo has yet to return. I'm halfway through the toe of the first charade sock. What the hell is that? I always finish the toe in one sitting.

I am starting to lose hope for Cherie Amour to be ready for her unveiling at Rhinebeck mostly because of the damn business trip I have to take. Think they'd let me block her on the plane?

stickyfingers said...

I have no idea what that is, is it a naalbinding hook? I just discovered that I have sock mojo, it only took me 3 years!

Anonymous said...

i can feel your pain about the co-worker retiring. it's tough cause it's like your home away from home at work!

we're here for ya when your mojo returns. i love the yarn with that new "mystery" craft. my guess is either crochet or tunisian crochet!

Anonymous said...

hey! back in the country and have to admit I have been infected with sock fever. you will be happy to hear that I finished a pair for my daughter and am trying to complete a pair for me this very night. I want to make more but definitely need a magic needle lesson. I will post photos of my new socks very soon. Thanks for giving me one more thing to obsess about.

Anonymous said...

it looks like embroidery thread to me.....lotsa fun whatever it is.

Lyrically speaking said...

Oooooooooooooh, I see orange, I see orange, lol, you need to get back, can't lose your mojo now. This is the season to get back on track and get busy, still waiting on my warm, fuzzy mittens :)

make it real said...

hey harlem purls,
it's looking over here in your page. i love the update.
when time permits, come stop by my page!

i hope all is well in your world.


Maribel said...

I love the new look of your blog, and don't worry all your sock knitting mojo will come back in due time. As a knitter we go through cycles of what peaks our interest at certain times. Just go with the knitting flow.