Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Where's the handbook when you need it?

Am I a bad mom because I'm contemplating buying my eight year old a winter hat and scarf set instead of making one? I feel so guilty because it would take me no time at all to whip him up a simple hat from my stash yarn......but I don't know if I want to.

Are moms even allowed to be selfish?

I wish there was a Knitting Moms Handbook I could reference for situations like these.

I guess I could buy him a cheap hat for now to tide him over until I can make him something. Then I can take my time to make him something fit for a knitters kid, yeah that sounds about right.

What the heck happened to the hat I made him last year? I think knitting goblins took it.

He wants an Amtrak hat. When I asked him what that is he drew me a picture. Its a red hat with the Amtrak logo in blue & green. I'm really not feeling it because the design is too simple for my taste but I can't deny my child. I'll probably duplicate stitch the logo since I have yet to try that technique, yeah that sounds about right.

Being the selfish knitter that I am I worked on a swatch today during my commute which is for a vest I'm designing. I love the simplicity of a simple vest over a crisp collard shirt. The yarn I'm using is super elastic so the vest will be pretty fitted. I'll keep you posted.

Wow, three days in a row. I think that's a new record.


Anonymous said...

BE SELFISH!! As moms we aren't selfish in so many other more important areas that I don't feel guilty about crafty selfishness ;o)

deltapurl said...

Be a selfish knitter. I hardly ever knit for myself, I wish I was more selfish when it comes to knitting, instead of giving to people who probably don't appreciate it

LaBean said...

Amtrak hat. That's cute. Go for it! :) I'm a selfish knitter, but that's because most of the people I know who don't knit wouldn't appreciate it anyway. The rest, are the kids or other knitters. Enuf said.

Necia said...

Hey Lady

Good hearing from you again!

Tawana said...

Be selfish!!! Like sownbrooklyn said, we moms sometimes deserve to be selfish. And I have been known to buy kj a winter hat. So what! Its a hat. Go for it! I can't wait to see the vest.

Shameka said...

I'm not a mommy, but I find myself putting off my own winter hat to make baby clothes for the neighbor. Ugh! Why can't I be more selfish? Your little boy has such a great imagination. He actually designed that hat. Girl, you better develop it, apply it, and market it. Kaffe Fasset watch out!

Sharon V said...

You are not alone when it comes to knitting for their own child. My son isn't as imaginative as yours is (he's 17) though. He wants me to make him a hat and take the label off his old Hilfiger hat.

Is that a copyright infringement? LOL

Kimberly said...

Looks like a pretty pattern!

Nasheikah said...

hmmm, knitting mom's hand book !? I'd take two !
enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Yup, knitting moms can be selfish! (I bought mine some mittens for like $2, so there ya go).

How's the vest going?