Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Happy accident

I went to look for an app on my phone and I must have mistakenly tapped the blogger app icon. I didn't even know my phone could do that!

Maybe I'll post more if its as easy as snapping a pic and pressing a button.

Might as well talk about knitting while I'm here. I just finished a bunch of stuff like a beautiful baby dress, a hobo bag and a summer top. Each item has a story behind it so I'll have to blog about those separately.

I don't like to blog without pictures so here's what I'm currently working on. It's a half granny square shawl made out of zauberball(sock yarn). Its a super fast knit a making it very addictive.

Well this post was quick and painless. Maybe I'll do it again someone soon =)


Sharon V said...

Your shawl's color is lovely.

I remember finding Blogger on my phone and I was tickled. It has it's limitations, but I'll settle for a short post once in a while.

Happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

Hey, whatever gets you here! :-) Is that knitting? I didn't know you could knit granny squares, too. Too cute!

FiskLady said...

That is a good idea. I never thought about posting from my iPad.

sahara said...

Hey there, how you been?! I hope you and the fam are well. I've been spinning up a storm and am gonna'start posting again too.

Holla', as the weather should be good on Friday. Wanna spin?