Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Serial Knitter!

I was inspired by Scouts blog to take inventory of all my WIP's. I am by no means a monogomous knitter, never have, never will be. So here are some picks starting with the oldest and ending with the newest.

This is a scarf done in 1X1 ribbing. I started maybe sometime around November of 2005. I became bored with it shortly there after. I bought three balls of this yarn that was imported from Italy at one of my LYS. (the name escapes me at this moment). Because of the price, I only bought 3 balls in the colors you see above. Now you know I'm mad because I paid so much for it when I have enough skills now to spin it myself. Dang! I pick it up every now and then and do a row or two when the mood hits me. Maybe I'll be able to wear it this winter.

What you see above is a shetland wool type yarn that I got from school products way back when (last year). I bought this book called "Knitting Fair Isle Mittens and Gloves" and fell in love with all the intricate patterns. Here's a picure of the pattern called Diamonds Variation.

They also give a good history about the fair isles also. Well, allof the mittens and gloves are knit at a gauge of 32 stitches per 4" on size 1 dpns. After a lot of swatching, frogging and trips to the LYS, I finally got the gauge on size 00 double pointeds. So I started the ribbing around late January. You see how far I've gotten right? I haven't even balled up all the wool yet. I'll finish this one once I finish the scarf above (hopefully).

Next up to bat, is a shawl that I'm working on for a charity organization called Purls of Hope. They make knitted items for families affected by AIDS and HIV. The group meets at my job during lunch once a week. You should see some of the things these ladies knit and crochet. I always leave the group feeling inspired. I started this around May. I freestyled it using a lace pattern from one of my knitting stitch dictionaries. Once I block it, you'll be able to get the full effect of the pattern.

Remember those wrist warmers I was knitting from my handspun yarn? Well I almost finished them. I just have to bind of using EZ's sewn bind off. I ran out of yarn but I'm not too bumbed out about it. I'll keep them as a momento.

I tried to do a knit a long with one of my coworkers. We were going to try our hands at felting a tote bag. So far I've done the base and tried working in the round but it is just so nerve wracking to keep on sliding those big old stitches around my Denises'. Sheesh. So as you can see, no progress at all.

Here's how my Baudelairs are coming along. This is my commute project because the lace pattern so far isn't that bad. I've already memorized it. I'm about a half an inch away from starting the reverse heel flap.

That's all folks. That's not so bad is it? (I'm more trying to convince myself than you). I don't want you guys to be surprised if I turn up with a FO that seems to have appeared out of nowhere.

By the way, I made another bag. Can't seem to get enough of those stripes. Happy knitting!


Necia said...

Your socks rock! Almost make me want to cast on for them considering I just finished my pomo's. But no dice! I think i'll work on a bag for variety, and then take it back to socks I guess. Your bag looks good. Wanna make me one! WTH were you today. Let my phone charge and I'ma call ya.


Star said...

I enjoyed reading this! It's SO interesting to see what other knitters have going on. I'm impressed you have the desire to finish something you started in november 2005. They're all great projects though.

I just discovered the sewn bind off (it's in the knitty pattern knucks) and it's cool. I liked doing it.

I love that great bag at the end! I love the stripes with the shiny lining. It's hot!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so many WIPs with so much potential! That shawl is beautiful. And I never finish 1 year-old WIPs...they morph into UFOs for me.

Iraida said...

Great bag! My coworker just gave me her Brother sewing machine before she goes down south for her retirement. I just ordered the wee wonderfuls sewing pattern book. I can't wait to learn!

yarnhippie said...

Hello Harlem Purls,

First I must say that my last comment to your blog was not in the order it should have been, I was corrected by my Sensei as to how my comments were to be posted and here is my correction: The scarf is fabulous, I just love the did you have anyone in mind to give it to? (hint, hint)I love the Roving and the Spinnig and the sewn bags, my you are creative (Smile) I hope I didn't miss anything; if I did I will be back.


HPNY Knits said...

those are some serious WIP. i get inspired to be less monogamous in my knitting...

Rosi G. said...

yao! that bag is even nicer than the one from the previous post! geesh!! you guys are gonna make me start sewing again! sewing was one of my first loves. I even went to the HS of Fashion Industries for fashion design and learned all the proper ways of sewing and IRONING and pinning and IRONING and patternmaking and IRONING....I think you get the picture!