Saturday, September 02, 2006

I'm Spoiled

Yup. I admit it, I'm spoiled.

Truth be told, when the Secret Sistah Friend Exchange ended in August and I hadn't received anything, I gave up all hope and thought that I wasn't getting anything (awwwww). But don't cry for me Argentina, I finally received my package and once I received it I forgot all about the wait. My SSF came through and spoiled me beyond any measure. She sent me so much stuff that I couldn't even fit it all in the same picture. She went above and beyond any of my expectaions and I just want to give Carine mad props (and I apologize for cursing you out in my head, can you ever forgive me?). I am sending you a small thank you gift by snail mail so be on the lookout this upcoming week.

Now on to the goodies.
My package contained 2 skeins of Seasilk (yes seasilk!), two skeins of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk and a pair of size ten needles from Knit One, Crochet Two. I would have been happy with just one skein of Seasilk but let alone two. That just made my day.

To satisfy my spinning fix, I received two bats of roving from Grafton Fibers. You will not believe how incredibly soft and airy this wool is. You know I spun a sample skein as soon as I opened the box.

For the greedy monster in me, my package also contaned two (yes two) boxes of Godiva Chocolates. Pay no attention to the open plastic wrapper in the background. I would've taken a picture of the chocolates inside but let's just say, no one wants to see a picture of an empty box.

And lastly, I received two packages of Stash tea in Jamaican Butter Rum and Cherry Almond with a tea infuser included (I didn't have one already, thanks). My pal must have been in my head because I was just thinking that I want to cut out the starbucks for a little while and switch to tea. So this package came right on time.

So as you can see my pal spoiled me silly and I cannot thank her enough.

As far as the knitting goes, it's been kinda slow. I have one more row before I start the ribbing for the cuff on the Baudelairs but basically there is little progress. The next picture I post of them will be when they're an FO.

I joined the Swallowtail Shawl Knit A Long hosted by our Sistah Friend Bronxie. I'm knitting this in Koigu on size 4's (I think). I'm going to be bold and not use a life line. I've only had two close calls but I was able to find the error quickly and compensate for it. So here's my progress so far.

One of my other WIP's is a toddler sweater. Below is a picture of the back only but I actually have completed the front right and left also. I am using the cardigan pattern from the Knitters Handy Book of Patterns book and I am using a lace chart from one of my stitch dictionaries (please don't ask me which one cause I can't remember. I always translate most of my lace patterns into chart form on graph paper anyway). I would love to finish the sleeves for this but of course I've run out of yarn. I was using the Caron one pound acrylic. Since most acrylic yarns like that don't have a definitive dye lot, I went back to the store I got it from to get some more. Well guess what. They haven't restocked the Caron One Pound yet and they didn't have my color. To make a long story short, I got the Caron Natura thinking it would be close to the same color and it doesn't match. Sheesh. Well I bet the knitting goddess is sitting up there with that "I told you so" look on her face right now. So now I'm trying to decide if I want to turn this sweater into a vest or try and track down that Caron One Pound. I'll keep you posted.

Other than that, I haven't really been up to anything crafty lately. I haven't sewed anything since my last post, beleive it not. Nothing's inspired me as of lately to sew. Oh well. The one thing I did do this past week is make my own spindles. Here are two that I made. After I do a bunch of research, and perfect the look, I'm going to post them for sale on ebay so wish me luck you guys. Hopefully next time I'll have more yarn porn and FO's.


How could I forget. Lookie what I got (Don't hate). You can read the whole story behind it here because I'm kinda tired right now. Lata.


Nettie said...

Great stuff from your pal. If you let me know what the color of the Caron is I can check a some stores by me and send it to you. BTW I am really jealous of that wheel. I think that's going to be my graduation gift to myself = ).

Anonymous said...

Ooh everything is just beautiful. Interesting tea,is it any good? It looks like it would taste good. A wheel? That must of been what Necia was talking about. Well, welcome to the spinning wheel club. Let me just warn you it is even more addictin than a spindle. I spent the whole day on my wheel and got NO knitting done. I am in shock. But any way congratulations on your new wheel especially at that great price.

Anonymous said...

geez louise, im tired just from reading this long post, so unlike you. i'm also a little J, NOT. You deserve evertything you received. Carine rocks fo sure. Everythhing looks awesome.


Jeanine said...

That's awesome. I don't even know what to speak about first. The SSF, the spindles or the WHEEL.

Enjoy every bit of it to the fullest.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stuff in mesmerizing colors!! Love it all. About the wheel, um... girl, you follow the Gandhi way! :)

make it real said...

dear harlem purls,
OH YEAH!! i kinda figured it was you by your address. I want to thank you for the treats you sent me. i was very surprised. i can't wait to find a a project to get started with all those HOT yarns you sent me. since you are spinning, will you sell your items? i would love to receive a sample card from you! let's def. keep in touch!

stop by when time permits!
thank you again!


Anonymous said...


There's a questionnaire on the spinning roving swap blog. Could you post your answers on your blog? I'm very excited to get started putting something together for you. And congratulations on your new wheel!

A couple of extra questions:

1. Do you subscribe to any fiber-related magazines? If so, which ones, and for how long have you received the magazines?

2. Do you have any spinning-related books? If so, which ones?

-- Your Secret Spinning Pal

Annie said...

Don't hate? How can I not hate you? You all have just zoomed away with your spinning and now have wheels and I am sitting here with, well, my own sorry non-spinning ass. Screw the spindle, I want a wheel. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what nice gifts!! I'm sure it was worth the wait! And a wheel?? How lucky you are.

Anonymous said...

Damn, that wheel looks nice! When are you gonna teach me how to spin? Let's make a date after the Knit Out.

You ARE spoiled. All that stuff! And I'm glad you're leaving off the Starbucks for a minute.

Star said...

the wheel! So proud.