Thursday, September 06, 2007

Remarkable Feats in Spinning

Favorite Quote from the TV Show Martin:

If I say a duck could pull a truck, then shut up and hook the sucka up!


That quote loosely translates to “If I tell you something to be true, then take my word for it”.

I accomplished my own remarkable feat this evening that I had to come out of blog hibernation to share it. Drum roll please………I SPUN 4 OUNCES OF FIBER ALL ON ONE SINGLE LOUET BOBBIN!(and the crowd goes wild, yaay!) It may not seem like anything out of the ordinary to the mere mortal but this is a great accomplishment for me. I spun the singles on one bobbin, then wound it into a center pull ball. I then took an extra step and wound the two ends together into a two ply ball (using an empty tp roll). Tonight I plied it and I was so determined to get this whole thing onto one bobbin so I wouldn’t have to split up the skein. Well I'll let the picture speak for itself.

I haven’t taken any stats as of yet but this is the fiber I started spinning at the sistahfriends knitta-que. I started out with 4 ounces of Crown Mountain Farms Superwash Merino roving in the Happy Together colorway. I’ll have more details once it’s had a good washing. As you can see it’s roughly 20 w.p.i (sock yarn, woo hoo!) but that will slightly change once it’s gone for a dunk .

Since I’m already blogging, here’s my last FO.

I made these socks with yarn I won on Nikki’s blog. The yarn is Elann Esprit which is a cotton and elastic mix. I believe it’s comparable to Cascade Fixation but I may be mistaken. I used the seeded rib pattern from the Second Sensational Knitted Socks Book, toe up of course. I fittingly call them my Pink Zebra socks. Dare I say that the color pink is really starting to grow on me (I’ll deny I ever said that later). I think this marks my second pair of socks knit for the Summer of Socks. See, I not only slack on blogging but on sock knitting also, I'm well rounded that way.

Well I’m off to catch Tim Gunns' new show but I couldn’t resist tooting my own horn if you know what I mean.

Happy Spinning!


Annie said...

Toot away! I think your handspun is amazing. I'm really curious about knitting socks from handspun. *cough* I'm just sayin, that's all.

Nikki said...

Yay, socks! No fair, yours are cuter than mine!

Deborah said...

will have to try those socks. I haven't figured out what to do with my fixation stuff I bought from Saunshine.

WandaWoman said...

Those pink zebra socks are too cute. love them!

Vera said...

Love those socks!

Anonymous said...

I love your Sock Hop! Do you know how much yardage you got? When are you going to knit it? Can you clarify on the extra step involving the tp roll? Pink zebra socks. For some reason it reminds me of a mixed drink. Please don't ask why. I'm glad you're starting to fall for the pink, I mean really it's not so bad. So what's next?


Anonymous said...

I'm in a pink & black mood myself...LOVE your socks! And your spinning came out great.

Jeanine said...

Cute socks. I just finished watching the Tim Gunn show. Like 2 minutes ago. Another show for us to discuss!

Deborah-- said...

Oooo I love the socks. Glad to see you finished them up. That yarn is awesome! Pretty colors in your handspun. I don't think I'll ever get to that point of spinning my own yarn. I'll enjoy looking at yours. :-)

Anonymous said...

oooooh, now that turned out GORGEOUS! can't wait for my handspun to turn out super even like yours!

cute socks too. pink and black, it's the hotness!!! :-D

sturdygirl said...

i don't know anything about spinning, but your yarn is beautiful. hope you get some socks out of it.

what do you think of tim gunn's show? aside from seeming a little contrived, i think it's pretty good. the underwear drawer thing was funny.

Anonymous said...

Chante. I don't understand a bit of what you were talking about with your spinning but Great Work!

I am so proud that you are proud of my sock. Thanks for all your encouragement, I couldn't and wouldn't have done it without you. I've already started the second one.

PS - No way I would have missed you in church. I'll be back for the 1st Sunday in October, so plan to sit with me at 9 o'clock service.

Shammickite said...

Gorgeous socks indeed! I've started knitting socks too.... it takes mw a long time but I feel so good when they are finished, I have actually accomplished something useful for a change!!

Lyrically speaking said...

Soon you'll be opening your own shop soon, look at you, lol

Hey I need some warm fuzzy gloves to keep me warm