Monday, April 10, 2006

We must not tempt the knitting gods, for they shall mock our smugness.

When I decided that I was going to make a pair of socks I was determined not to fall prey to the second sock syndrome. I had already made up my mind that I would knit a second sock no matter what. I've made a couple (yes only two, so what?) of socks in the past and the poor, lonely, mismatched things have been sitting in my knitting cast away bag for the longest. So there was no way I was not going to make two perfectly matched socks! So I scanned my stash and waited for one of them to yell out "Oh, please pick me! I would make a wonderful pair of socks! I promise not to split at every other stitch or pill. I'll be good.!". Well, that moment happened when I gazed upon my Kool-Aid dyed yarn. Who knows when I dyed this yarn, but I knew it had a purpose so I just knew this yarn would be perfect. So I knit the first sock, and as you can see from my previouse post, it turned out lovely. Better than can be expected. When I showed one of my knitting buddies my sock, she said "Oh that's beautiful, but are you sure you have enough yarn?" Enough yarn? What is she talking about? Of course I have enough yarn, I mean the yarn told me that it wanted to be a sock, so of course there must be enough yarn. Denial is not just a river in Africa because as I cast on for my second sock, I had to keep repeating in my head you have enough yarn, you have enough yarn, you have enough yarn... To make a long story short, I didn't have enough yarn. Yeah I know, I was hurt too. But I couldn't let that stop me. It was no easy feet (pun intended) to get more yarn because I only have one skein left of the wool that I dyed and I have no idea what flavors of Kool-Aid I used to dye it and how many yards I used for each color and at what concentration, well you get the point. So what was I to do? I had no other choice but to use some of the same yarn I had dyed in a different color. When I dyed this wool, I didn't like how it came out so that ball was put waaaaay in the back of my yarn cases so I didn't have to look at it. So I begrudgingly pulled it out and finished off the other sock. I'm not that upset because the socks are for me and I've been know to wear two different socks, but I'm pretty proud of the fact that I made two almost matching socks!

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