Monday, July 03, 2006

Lazy Days of Summer

Yup, I've really been slacking on the blog tip. That's only because I've been perusing my way around the city in search of fiber. Not yarn, but fiber. I.Love.Spinning! I knew it was love once I felt that illustrious piece of wood in my hands. Yeah, we had our hard times in the beginning, but we quickly came to understand and appreciate each other. Doesn't this post sound like a page right out of "As The Spindle Turns"? Wouldn't that be a cool podcast title? It might go a little something like this:

Harry B.F. Leicester: Oh, Marie!
Marie-Adda Lidalam: Yes Harry, what is it?
Harry: I'm in such a bind and I don't know what to do!
Marie: Oh Harry, just tell me what it is. You know I'm here for you. I was there for you when you got your first low whorl drop spindle and by golly I'm here for you now.
Harry:Well, Marie. You remember a couple of days ago when I received 8 ounces of a Merino, Silk and Angelina roving special order from overseas?
Marie: Yes.
Harry: Well....It's kind of hard for me to say this......but.....
Marie: Just tell me Harry. Whatever it is we'll get through this.
Harry: OK. I'll tell you. I was trying to navajo ply the singles I made with the roving. Because the roving was so delicate, I wanted to use a special spindle for it. So I borrowed your priceless Wooly Mammoth Tusk Spindle from the Journey Wheel.
Marie: Harry, you didn't!
Harry: Marie, I'm so sorry. I know I should have asked first, but you were busy tending to the angora bunnies.
Marie: That's no excuse. You should've asked. Oh well, I thought you had something worse that that to tell me.
Harry: Well actually, while I was using it, I dropped it and it cracked. Marie, I'm sorry and I'll replace it as soon as I get enough money from all the hand dyed sock yarn I'm sell in my ebay store.
*WHACK* (Marie bops Harry upside the head with a cast iron skillet knocking him out cold. While he's down, Marie promptly packs up all her stuff and moves out. She leaves Bill a note stating that she never wants to speak to him again.)

Enough of the Tom Foolery, here's some pics:

These are Ty's Thuja socks all done. I used Artyarns Supermerino in color 201. I swear this yarn is like butta! Luckily I had the yarn in my stash already. The colors in this picture don't do it justice at all. I also freeatyled a little change purse for his wifey Theresa. I think I may make one for myself.

Here's teo versions of Handspun yarn that I spun on my trusty top whorl drop spindle. The one on the right I spun from roving that I purchased from the Yarn Tree. It's an Alpaca/Merino Wool/Tussah Silk blend fittingly called Chocolate Cherry. I was going to send it to my SSFP but it's only about 30 yards there and I don't think that's enough to make a sock with. The one on the left I actually dyed the roving myself using Jacquard Acid dye. I used three colors which were made by mixing different ratios of the primary colors. Of course the picture doesn't show it's true beauty. For anyone who cares, the chocolate cherry is two ply and the hand dyed is singles. I'm itchin to knit a swatch to see how it comes out.

I'm working on a pair of ankle socks for myself just to keep my hands busy. This pic in progress is for Carine. I'm using the yarn that I dyed a while ago using Wilton's icing dye. I wasn't crazy about the colors once it was all balled up, but now that I'm knitting with it, it's kinda growing on me. I just threw a lace pattern in there to break up the monotony. The pattern is on a multiple of 12 stitches and goes as followed: ssk, k3, yo, k1, yo, k3, k2tog, k1. I know this pattern must be in a stitch dictionary somewhere but I just thought it up while I was making my gauge swatch and thought it looked nice.

I always save the best for last, so here's 8 ounces of yummy woolly goodness for your viewing pleasure.


Necia said...

You've been a busy Mama Bee huh. Gurlllllll everything looks wonderful. I love seeing the pics of your dyed handspun. Wow. Thanks for getting me amped on spinning too! I only hope I can become as good as yours. Btw, I had an awesome time yesterday.


Nettie said...

I love the handspun, I tried my spindle once and it has sat mocking me ever since. = ) You should look into a career writing soaps, that was a good laugh. Thanks for the encouragement via the blog!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, love the socks.

The colors in the handspun are so pretty! That's great that you can do that.

Nik said...

i'm so in love with the colors in that wool at the bottom.

Jeanine said...

I can't believe those are handspun. WOW! I tried hand spinning eons ago. The drop spindle and roving are just sitting there collecting dust.

You make me want to give it a whorl..

Sann said...

hey, how's that book you're reading? I need a trashy fast-paced summer read--willthis do the trick?

Wendy Dorrel said...

Love the dialogue for As the Spindle turns! :)

I got my drop spindle start up kit here:

It's been great to learn on.

Anonymous said...

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Carine said...

Mmmm, those are so beautiful! The dyed handspun is fabulous. Great pics.