Friday, July 14, 2006

Whatcha been up to?

I'm not really in a talkative mood but I wanted to make sure you guys have had your fill of crafty goodness, so here's what I've been up to......

A while ago I blogged about an item that I bought but I was afraid to open it because it would lead to a whole new crafty dimension. Well....I opened the box
after knitting and spinning comes, what else, sewing. I copycated Necia and tried my hand at the Sha Sha Dream bag from Crafster. Not bad for a first try huh? I went on a shopping spree in the garment district today (thanks Necia) and picked up some stuff. 4 yds of this............................4 yds of this....................and 3yds of this

I also got 2 yds of this online for a pretty good price.

I guess I got a thing for stripes huh? Please don't ask me what I'm going to make with all that fabric. I like to think of myself as an intuitive knitter so maybe some of that chi will flow onto my sewing.

In Knitting news:

I'd like to thank the MTA for Mondays train delay.It took me twice as long to get to work so I had plenty of time to work on these anklets. Toe city, here I come!

This is a toddler poncho pattern that I'm working on. I'm going to put a rose near the upper right side. I can't decide on what border to do. I know I want to do something like a panel, but what kind? I'm thinking Chocolate intarsia roses on a Rose background, A whole Rose background with Embossed flowers or leaves, Intarsia using that scottish dog pattern or argyle, cables will also be in for the fall.....If only there were enough minutes in the day to create all the crazy ideas that are cooped up in my mind.

A lot's been going on over in the spinville.

Here's Meenie ....................Miney........................and Moe.

I'm not going to tell you who gave me the ravishing Merino/Tencel blend roving that I'm spinning up on Moe. I think I may have finally got my spinners card because I nearly had a corinary spinning it up. It threatened to split up on me a couple of times but the process was fairly smooth. Here's a close up of the roving, I tried reeeeally hard not to overspin it.Remember my first try at dying roving? Well, here's what happened.

Wrist warmers (If I could ever start the other one). Now I done forgot how many stitches I casted on for the first one. Hopefully I wrote it down in my notebook. If I didn't, then I may have to guess, or try and count the stitches around. I pray for mercy from the gauge monsters.

I dyed this up two days ago. I've been dying to spin it but Moe only came in the mail today. You don't know how hard it was trying not to spin it last night. Is it wrong to pet your roving every time you pass it sitting in your spinning basket? I didn't think so.

Remember the colorful roving I pictured in my last post? Well here is 47yds of it, spun on Miney. This picture doesn't show the true color, but it's close. It seems to me like maybe a worsted weight yarn? Who knows?

In other crafty news.......

If you didn't think I was busy enough, here's proof that I can't keep my hands still for one hot second.

I made these stitch markeres the other day, somewhere in between dinner and going to bed. Why, because I was very curious as to what all the hub bub was about dangling stitch markers. I'll let you know how they are once I test them out.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my FO's, and WIP. Even if you don't read any of my post because I know I like to surf most knitting blogs just for the pictures:)

Happy Knitting, Spinning, Sewing, Writing, Dreaming, and Creating


Nettie said...

I would say that your purse is a damn fine first try. Sewing is cool it's more instant than knitting, I'm digging your stripes too. BTW all of these new sewing machine purchases are making my old hand me down dinosaur look really bad. = )

Anonymous said...

Dag girl, I'm not the first to comment, but let me just say I'm damned proud of you. I love stripes too! They are fun! You have stepped your dying game up in the best way! I love it! That yarn is so purdy. The merino/tencel is really eassy to over spin and over draft, so I feel exactly where you are coming from on that. The poncho is gonna be kcute, too bad I have no suggestions for you, but I'm sure you will figure it out. Thanks for updating, I like to read, and view pictures so whatever I can get I'm happy with!


Anonymous said...

No it is no wrong to pet your roving in fact Thurs. I went to yarn tree and went crazy, as soon as I was on the train I was petting my roving. I like you purse, it came out great. I finally took my sewing machine out of its box. As soon as I come back I am taking a class, I am itching to start sewing.

Jeanine said...

Yay! You opened the box. That purse, not bad at all for a first try. Will you be making more?

I love those colors in the roving your dyed up. Can't wait to see it after you spin it.

It sounds like you've been incredibly busy.

Anonymous said...

Girl, your hands have not been idle!

For a first try, the bag came out good. Keep going! And I'm loving the spinning of colorful roving! Wow!

Dangling stitch markers are good for marking the beginning and ends of complex repeats, motifs, or the center stitch on a piece; basically the beginning or end of anything on your needles. Might as well have something pretty dangling from your knitting.

It's like knitting project as fashion accessory.

Anonymous said...

For a first try, that's VERY good. I'm so envious of all the knitters that have been able to move on to sewing, too--I just don't have time right now. You did a great job!

Lyrically speaking said...

OMG, that's great!! You got skillzzz girl, I had no idea you traveled that far with your craft. I can't wait to see your latest creations.

LaBean said...

OOH that fabric is slamming!! I don't sew, mostly fixing hems and such. AND my machine gave up the ghost last year. I DID sew a lining in a bag last month and it wasn't so bad, so I know I'll be able to do it again. The Wrist warmers inspire me to finally try and make something with singles. I'm always wanting to ply, but being too lazy. Thank you for putting me on to this possibility!

Annie said...

You are a busy crafty bee! Hooray for all your cool projects!

Nik said...

That bag is cute.

theShizzKnit said...

Bag looks FAB! That's great you've got a machine and using it so well. One of my crafter buddies is giving me a sewing machine- so exciting. Sewing, and spinning and knitting, whoohoo!

Lyrically speaking said...

I'm still waiting for you to show me how to make earrings :)