Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I made it with 3 hours to spare!

Woo Hoo. I just finished my socktoberfest socks, and here they are.

I made these beauties for my signifigant other because he said that I never make anything for him. I have no idea what he's talking about cause I just made him a scarf this past February (which he lost on NJ Transit no less). Anyhoo, we have to keep our boo's happy, don't we? I'm sorry, I'm going off on a tangent here, it's just that I missed blogging, for real (insert part about trying to be a better blogger, yada yada yada). So here are the specs:

Name: Atmos socks

Pattern: Made up by your truly based on the Organ Pipes stitch pattern in the first Treasury of Knitting Patterns book by Barbara Walker.

Yarn: Lane Borgosesia by Zegna Baruffa - Hilton Print color #5. This is 100% merino wool yarn that I picked up from the Joan Vass sale earlier this year. I wish they had 'pet-o-vision' so you could feel how soft this is. It's like butta.

Date Started: October 1st

Date Finished: October 31st

Looky, looky, it took me exactly a month to make these socks. Ususally it doesn't take me that long but I knitted a beret in between there somewhere and of course Rhinebeck. I wont bore you with my Rhinebeck story, I'm sure you've read about the happenings all around the blogosphere. To put it shortly, I had a great time hanging out with my family and my friends and of course, I was sick but frontin' like I wasn't. Next year, I'm going to start taking airborne a week before I have anything remotely fun planned that involves knitting and fiber. I'll post pics of my haul as soon as I find my battery recharger so stay tuned.

I've been spinning like a mad woman and I'll post pics of some of my handspun yarn soon. It's just that I'm too impatient to sit there and actually fill a bobbin up. I think the most I've spun would be 96 yards from roving that I received from my Spinning/Roving swap pal (you can see pictures of what I got on her blog because of course I haven't gotten around to taking any pictures.) I'm also planning on trekking my journey in acid dyes for anyone who's interested. I also need to get crackin on that sweater knit along. Do you think there's any way that someone can add like 4 more hours to the day? Do you know how much more crafty stuff I would get accomplished in that time? 28 seems like a nice round number... or better yet, just round it off to like a 30 hour day.

I'm rambling now and I think I'm becoming delerious from the lack of sleep (damn that spinning wheel and the 4 pounds of fleece in my closet). So let me get to bed.

Oh, before I forget, if you like short stories please stop over at my girl Cathy's blog. There is no knitting content but my girl is very talented. She wrote a three part short story that just blew my mind. Just a warning, this story is only for the grown and sexy.

Happy Knittin'


Anonymous said...

The socks are fantastic! I'm so proud of you 'cause I didn't finish my Socktoberfest socks :-( But good for you for making something for hubby!

Necia said...

I'm so glad you finished your socks. I sure didn't. Are those Will's feet you're showing photographed, or did you model them for him?


Jeanine said...

yay. You finished. No such luck over here.

Oh and yes, I would have liked to hear your RB story.

Nancy said...

You need to come over and help me with my drop spindle. It's just sitting there laughing at me...

Wanda said...

Great socks. I'm sure your sweetie was very happy to get a pair of socks.

Rosieglasses said...

Wow! Great job I love the socks.

Tawana said...

Congrats on fininshing your Soctoberfest socks. I only fnished 1 pair of the 2 I was making, although I did do baby socks. I know how it is with making things for loved ones. Get this my SO is demanding, a scarf, hat, armwarmers and socks. What am I a knitting machine. I like the sock pattern. :)

Sahara said...

Ohhh, Necia, I was gonna ask that question as well.

Men have such a short memory, don't they? Mine had the nerve to make a comment about what he doesn't have. In a FIT, I pulled everything out of the closet that I knitted for him, and dumped it on the floor. The pile even stunned me! He shut up.

Now, I don't put away his winter things. Out of sight, out of mind.

Divineladi said...

I love those socks! I'm starting to get back into making socks and found this really nice sock yarn on the bottom of my stash. I'm going to use it to make the hubby some socks.

By the way, I'm with typepad now. Blogger was driving crazy with that whole beta thing!


Delaleuverses said...

Oh Wow!! I had no idea you promoted me here on your blog, how sweet of you, thanks so much for the luv. I feel very honored