Friday, October 06, 2006

Lets play catch up, shall we?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I'm late. As you may already know, I attended this years New York Knit & Crochet Out held in Union square. Here's my journey in pictures.

First off, while riding the 6 to get to this event I started to feel a little tickle in my throat. I've had problems before with my tonsils so I know the warning signs of getting sick. At that point I could've went back home and drug myself up so that I could've avoid getting the full brunt of whatever germs were attacking my body. But you know what, I waited all year for this even and dagnammit I had plans. I wasn't about to let a little tonsilitis get in my way!

I sat down for a spell to knit a little, then I decided to take a stroll. Then I hear a voice that says "Excuse me but are you Harlem Purls?". I looked up to see my fellow sistah friend Divine Ladi (yay). Of course we chatted for a bit before I started wandering again.

Here she is pictured in the green shirt along side DramaQueen. What a small world. These two happen to be close buddies of my secret sistah swap pal Kellz.

After that I ran into Tawana at the fashion show, then we met up with Necia, Jeanine, Rosie, Kim and Marva. I couldn't really chat with them like a wanted because I was busy teaching someone how to knit but you know how it is when us knitters get together.I tracked down Lily Chin and got a pic with her. See?

Then they all went off to join the Sit N Knit group while I went off to the knitting tent to teach.

By this time my throat is killing me but I refuse to pay it any mind. Like I told you, I had plans! So I closed down the knit out then proceeded to Knitty City to meet none other than the Yarn Harlot. I asked one teensy little question and she called me a trouble maker. Moi? *devilish grin*

When we first sat down I spotted someone in the crowd who looked familiar. I started staring at her trying to place her face. The conversation kinda went like this:

Me: I know you!

Her: O.K.

Me: You have a blog right?

Her: Uh Huh.

Me: Your a Sistah Friend?

Her: Yes.

Me: Don't tell me the name of your blog....Don't tell me....OK tell me.

Her: A Knitter in Queens.

Here we are pictured with Sahara. Sahara was rocking that dress also.

So that was my day. I felt sick as a dog by the time I left to go home but it was all worth it. On my walk home I saw this on a wall and it evocked all types of emotions in me. My mom passed away on October 17th 2002 so I want to dedicate this picture to her.

Happy knitting.


Nancy said...

Beautiful mural. My mom passed on October 15th, 2004...

Jeanine said...


You gave us an update. What's up the spinning? Huh? Huh? I never knew you weren't feeling so well that day. You look great in the pics.

Thanks for sharing the mural.

Anonymous said...

You go, girl. Don't let some silly tonsilitis interfere with your fiber fun, LOL!!

I love the pics since I visit so many of those blogs; there are some talented ladies your way.

Christie said...

Sounds well worth it.

Beautiful mural...god bless your and nancy's moms...

Iraida said...

You look great for feeling sick. I guess it was all the fun you were having. My aunt who tried to teach me to knit/crochet passed away and her birthday was October 15th. She was like my second mom. That's a great mural. Can't wait for Rhinebeck. There's no way I'm flaking out of that. ROAD TRIP!

spider said...

I'm so sorry we missed each other at the Knit Out. I, too, was sick that day, but mine was food poisoning from after the previous Harlot evening in Brooklyn.

Great post on your day. And a lovely tribute to your Mom. My Ma passed away in February, over 11 years ago. If she was alive, she'd be 93 on her next birthday! She had me in her 40's.

kellz said...

hey harlem purls,
thanks for the update! i am hyped everyone has met. that why i love what communal knitting does: it brings us together. hopefully, i will be able to meet you in nov. with these flight prices, i don't's looking slim. GEEZ!

get at me,

DramaQueen said...

Hey there! It was a pleasure meeting you and your oh-so-fly socks - I'm jealous, cuz I have yet to tackle the double-pointed needles! Anywho, I figured I better start checking you out more often is my pic is on your blog! LOL. I just came back to my knitting blog, and I am struggling! Hope you feel better.

Delaleuverses said... go girl!! I really enjoyed reading this post, wow you took some very nice pictures...Knitting sistas rule!!

angel said...

Wow. What a joy to have a circle of knitting friends!

I miss Harlem.

Also, thanks for the book title on Kellz's blog. I'll check it out.


kellz said...

greetings, harlem purls...
ok. i have made up my mind because i can't resist. i will participate with you in doing your 1st sweater. i am on the hunt now for something HOT!: fair isle-ly, nice colors and something kinda fits my body. this will def. be a challenge. i am someone who likes things to come out right the first time. this will def. be a test of patience of myself. ok, harlem we go.

i'm getting excited. thank you again!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! It was a pleasure meeting you at the event. Your pics came out much better then mine. That is a beautiful mural and my heart hurts to hear about your mom. Blessings to you and your family.

Nik said...

Do you realize that you may have "cooty-fied" some really important knitters ?

lol. I'm just kidding. I wouldn't let a little throat issues interfere with my yarn shopping either.

Latoya said...

What a great day to be a knitter! Great to see knitters on the scene. Smile.
Knit on!