Monday, May 01, 2006

When a problem comes along, you must...

Rip it!

I guess I'm feeling kinda froggy. Over the weekend I started a pair of socks as a mothers day gift and it's just not coming along to my liking. As mentioned previously, I wanted to make the Pomatomus socks using the Koigu yarn I recently purchased. My intentions were good, but I may have been a tiny bit overzealous in my planning. To say the least, this pattern is hard. Let me rephrase that, this pattern is not hard, it's just very time consuming and requires a lot of attention to detail. Just thinking about those "k2tog tbl" makes my fingers cramp. Oh well, I'll frog it and start from scratch. I'm usually not a frogger but that Koigu yarn is so darn cute (and expensive) that I just can't see it going to waste. Most likely I'll try and design something because I really want this gift to be extra special. Any hoo, here's a picture of the "Po" before I rip it good.

Sorry for the horrible picture but my Kodak doesn't seem to want to be my friend right now. So, back to the drawing board....I guess it's stich dictionary to the rescue.

Happy Knitting!

P.S. Just because he asked me to, here's a picture my four year old drew on his Doodle Pro writing board. By the way, it's a picture of me.

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Cutie said...

Hi Chante,

I tried to email you back but AOL keeps seeing my messages as errors.

I deleted your blog from the ring, so that you could reapply.

I think it might actually work that way. I did that with Erica a few moments ago and it seemed to work. I have been having trouble with her blog entry for months.

Here is the join page.;action=addform
See you there soon!